The Australian Greens: From Activism to Australias Third Party

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A fact that has influenced our WA Greens culture significantly. This book is especially useful for newer Greens members.

Inside the Greens

I believe its important to know a bit about our history. From a WA perspective Jackson reflects on his early days with the Greens WA and his intrigue with circles, consensus, 'vibes watchers and what a contrast this was to his first political experiences with the socialists. This amused me particularly as I also remember from the other side my first encounter with 'socialist organising when I walked into my first meeting of the Greens WA and was shocked that the chairs were all lined up in front of a 'top table.

I remember insisting that no Greens meeting ever operated like that and promptly reorganised the room into a circle!

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From the outset it is clear that the diversity within the party is a representation of the members themselves: this much should not surprise us if we think of most political parties modelled on a mass-party structure. And the membership is evenly divided between men and women, in contrast to the view of most large parties being the domain of ambitious men.

The Greens Climate Change Plan: Replace Coal with Renewable Energy

The obvious interests of members stand out: Climate change is overwhelming seen as a critical cause for action, with forests and land clearing closely behind. Interestingly, health and education also figure prominently among members as a key priority for the party for action, perhaps echoing those beginnings as always more than just an environmental party.

And indeed, it is an understanding that social justice is just as important as the environment that comes across strongly from the membership.

When we dig deeper, we also find that both party members and activists have a healthy disdain for leadership figures, although the role of Bob Brown as something of a unifying figure still looms large. At the same time, a shift towards streamlining processes, delivering clear political messages, and organising effective electoral campaigns points towards the increasing professionalization of the party.

And it is in that professionalization that the key to changes in the Australian Greens is to be found.

The Australian Greens

Able to make deals with the government of the day to secure legislation, and at a state level take up Ministerial roles , the party is steadily positioning itself as a natural coalition partner. While probably the ALP, the question of who the coalition partner might be is still an open question.

His broad interests cover the breadth of Green politics in Australia and the Asia Pacific, with a special interest in party development. Ships in 4—10 business days. Member discount.

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Size mm x mm. The Australian Greens played a pivotal role after the federal election.