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Buy this book. Zeebra Books. Paperback - pages - Show other formats. Discover what to read next. The greatest infidel of them all, Saladin, has crossed the River Jordan and taken one of the cities. It is not long before Saladin is at the very walls of Jerusalem itself, and Lord Roland finds himself leading the Templar knights and playing a large role in the future of the great city.

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It is at this time that Pagan learns he is capable of new emotions; he discovers that he can feel pity and care for someone else. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Mar 02, Amanda McCrina rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , crusades , young-adult , male-protagonist.

Absolutely wonderful—a new favorite. View 2 comments. Sep 12, Amber Scaife rated it it was ok.

A young squire learns the value of friendship and loyalty while serving a Knight Templar in 12th-Century Jerusalem. The character of Pagan is promising, but the plot was difficult to find and the constant use of the present tense for the narrative was a little irritating.

Mar 21, Diane rated it liked it. New York: Collins. Young adults may relate to his running, clipped commentary on everyone and everything, but I found it to be tiresome, especially as it is not leavened by a sound, suspenseful plot or even historical context. Apr 09, Ryan B. There are two main characters in this book. There names are Pagan Kidrouk and Lord Roland. Pagan Kidrouk was a thief, beggar, and a gambler before he joined the Order of the Temple. He is 16 years old and has no family or home. Lord Roland is a Templar in the Order of the Temple.

As a Templar he is one of the leaders of the Order. Roland is a very wise and trustworthy person.

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In this book Pagan and Lord Roland work together to try and defeat the Infidels. Pagan leaves his villain life behind an There are two main characters in this book.

Pagan's Crusade

Pagan leaves his villain life behind and joins the Order of the Temple. Pagan has to protect a group of pilgrims traveling the Jordan River.

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Saladin and his army attack Jerusalem. They fight for three days until the Order negotiates peace among themselves and Saladin. Pagan feels bad for Roland because of his gracious choice. This book was very thrilling, exciting, and adventurous. I would recommend this book to anyone that is willing to read a very exciting book. Jan 06, Nathan rated it it was ok. This book is about an Arab who accompanies a Crusader Knight to his hoem village. They were confronted by a woman who was distraught because an Abbey-cleric assaulted one of their men. The woman cause Roland and Pagan, the protagonist, to go to the Abbey and confront the Abbot.

The Abbot sent them away after refusing to accept the fact that one of his men might have done this. He sent Roland, the woman, and Pagan away. The Abbey and Bram had a continuous feud after this. The Abbey refused access to people of Bram to a mill, causing problems. Roland's family burned the Mill and raided the Abbey.

They slaughtered the clerics, and something else happened to the Abbot. The lord of the land the Abbey was on sent a raiding party to Bram, which caused the death of the woman, who at this point was a love interest for Roland. Roland and Pagan ran from Bram after Roland's family proved too cruel. I didn't much like this book, mostly because it soiled a time period I was fond of. It basically laid waste to the Crusades in my mind. The writing was also sort of bad.

It was written in a format that made no sense. In any case, it was a must-read, mostly because it is based in the time of the Crusades. The writing is easy to get used to, albeit a bit odd at all times. The book was fine, not the best. What a fantastic book! Catherine Jinks really knows how to bring Medieval Jerusalem and the Crusades to life! Pagan is a wonderful character that is neither utterly devout nor a heretic and always has something to say. His biting wit and sarcasm are hilarious and views on anything and everything are logical and yet terribly funny.

Pagan is something of a street urchin who is in desperate need of money. He finds himself at the Knights Templar recruiting office, and before he knows it is a s What a fantastic book! He finds himself at the Knights Templar recruiting office, and before he knows it is a squire-in-training to Lord Roland. He must learn to fight, clean, escort pilgrims to holy areas and shrines and most importantly to hold his tongue and resist the urge to crack jokes no one says you can't think them though With Sultan Saladin and the "Infidels" ready to take back Jerusalem, Pagan must quickly learn whether it is better to run and hide or stay and fight.

Mar 04, Jess rated it it was ok Shelves: juv , young-adult , historical-fiction. Maybe I'm being overly critical of this book, but it was disappointing. The set-up was promising, the characters were interesting and unexpected, and I always enjoy a healthy dose of sarcasm This is the first in a series, and I was looking forward to seeing where it went - but I speed-read the last half of the book just to finish it. On the other hand, it's a funny, unconventiona Maybe I'm being overly critical of this book, but it was disappointing.

Pagan's Crusade Book One in The Pagan Chronicles by Catherine Jinks Paperback B

On the other hand, it's a funny, unconventional take on the Crusades, and Jinks isn't afraid to be critical of anyone or anything. There's plenty of adventure and smart-aleck dialogue a lot of it internal and I think it would appeal to middle school boys, in particular, but the style just did not do it for me.

Sep 19, Riv rated it it was amazing Shelves: 1st-of-series , realistic. Pagan is awesomeness. Since I read the companion first, I went back to the first book, and I was pleasantly surprised. I was hesitant to read this, because I thought Pagan was OLDER, after having read about his daughter, but he's only sixteen in this book. Every line was just incredible awesome. You can go.

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Sorry, Puck! Jan 21, Lauri Saplad rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , historical , middle-eastern , rc , religious. I love the way Catherine Jinks writes! The character of Pagan was snarky, realistic, earthy -- very tongue and cheek. This is a YA story about a young orphan during the times of the Crusades. He was raised a Christian in a very strict Catholic orphanage and has very little love for the church and its many rules. He finds himself a squire for a Templar Knight in the middle of heated fighting, but still retains his survivor instinct as well as his sassy sense of humor. Wanna read the next one soon I love the way Catherine Jinks writes! Wanna read the next one soon! I loved this little book. It was funny, sarcastic and very informative.

The book was talking about a boy called Pagan, who, unlike many people of the time, was able to read and write. He was placed under the supervision of a Lord who was a Templar. This book brought to life, simply and easily, the life of The Knights Templar. I have a great fondness for The Knights Templar and this book allowed me to get an even better understanding of what The Knights Templar encountered and experienced.

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It is wel I loved this little book. It is well worth the read. Delightfully irreverent. Pagan's sarcasm was very enjoyable, while also reminding me a little bit of Gen from Queen's Thief. I wish Roland's age would be have been mentioned earlier though--I spent half the book picturing him in his forties.