Middle World: The Restless Heart of Matter and Life

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The consulting of readers with productive logic as a few TechcombankTSupply worked from 5 in to 15 in Figure Second, God is omnipotent and holy, so he chastens sinful mankind. Our experiences of lust do not go unnoticed in the world created by and for God. Third, God is able to use our own sinful ways to draw us to himself. Augustine has discovered the majesty and mystery of God as the condition for interpreting human restlessness.

A Restless Heart: Writing my way through uncertainty

We will either use the restlessness to love God or to avoid God by vainly worshiping and serving something else. The third great theme we find here is affection. The human soul, in all its mystery, experiences restlessness because it is alienated from the ground of its being, God. Thus God, in his affection for us, calls us to abandon our wanderings, to stop pursuing other affections, to give up our hope in ourselves, and find peace in him. What assurance do we have that abandoning hope in ourselves will give us the peace we desire?

In a profound sense, the restlessness stopped, at least temporarily.

Download Middle World The Restless Heart Of Matter And Life

But it is not on this experience that Augustine grounds his assurance of salvation. In fact, he reports that his restlessness resumed after his conversion. Salvation needs grounding in God. Grounding anywhere else, even in the life of the redeemed person, is unreliable. Augustine keeps pointing the reader to God himself. My weight is my love; wherever I am carried, it is my love that carries me there.

He alone loses no one dear to him, for they are all dear to him in one who is not lost. In the years immediately following his conversion, as though love itself were being tested, Augustine would grieve at the deaths of several friends, his son, and his mother. Now, however, alongside the sorrow was beatitude. So I allowed the tears… to fall, … making them a pillow for my heart, and my heart rested on them, for only your ears could hear my lament….

Thus the book is less of an autobiography and more of a theological anthropology. It directs him toward faith in God, the Creator.

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This redirection is not a matter of intellectual sophistication for Augustine, or for anyone, but of trust and humility before God, who gives grace even to those who try to flee from him. Click here for reprint information on Christian History. Sections Home. Prayer Abortion Fatherhood. Subscribe Subscriber Benefits Give a Gift.

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A lot of people might recognize Franco Nero as the older Augustine. He brings the requisite gravitas to the role and, despite his short screen time, gave the best performance of the movie. Anyways, as he looks back, there is the inventory of all his great and dismal moments. We see Augustine as a young thief, stealing fruit from the neighbors, his early family life with Patricius and St.

Monica, his professional career, and, of course, his relationship with his concubine and the son she bore him. Throughout all this, his views of Truth and God, both the Manichean version and the True One, are explored in much the same fashion as in his memoirs. I have to admit to being impressed. Despite the film too often lapsing into the European style of over-wrought melodramatic displays with an unfortunate number falling upon Allesandro Preziosi as adult Augustine , the sincerity of the story actually worked regardless.

All of these things are shown in light of the Faith and why Augustine could be so brilliant and yet so wrong. They are critical parts of the story and no amount of delinquent acting was able to derail their effect. To that end, the main thrust of the film focuses on the primacy of Truth. As with the book, Augustine is consistently placed in between two opposing worldviews and has to discern their legitimacy.