Enhancing Hubbles Vision Service: Missions That Expanded Our View of the Universe

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I'd guess even higher temps would be required, fusion stuff is way out of my line.

Service Missions That Expanded Our View of the Universe

It is interesting that there is a source of Uranium in an African nation, Gabon, I believe. Although that Uranium might be collected if that government gave permission, perhaps the only usefulness for it would be in Medicine.

However, if there is much more of it farther down past the lower mantle and closer to the Core, it might indicate that Earth itself is a "failed Star", but for the lack of a Hydrogen atmosphere as in Jupiter. I still believe that all the H-Bomb tests underground and in the atmosphere was detrimental to the environment and that the effects are still being felt in illness, disease and fish die-offs.

The first tests were in the s and continued into the 50s, whereupon cases of certain illnesses and cancers started showing up and the effects are still with us. Fusion is still a big challenge to science. But it is possible that someday, Fusion may be an economical propulsion "fuel" for rockets to Mars.

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Aug 11, Technically, by this criteria, Pluto is a failed star! I am completely shocked! It should be obvious to you. I thought you were a nuclear engineer!! Or, were you again lying? I suspect so because the answer to your question is obvious to anybody that has studied nuclear physics.

Breathtaking Images to Celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope Getting Another Five Years of Life

I left a big question mark because I have never seen good explanations for how two H1s which have no neutron in the nucleus, are converted to H2 deuterium which does have a neutron in the nucleus, this must occur before the fusion can move on to create helium, two H1s cannot be FUSED to form He due to lack of a neutron in their nucleus, But hey mister RNP freelance journalist, you already knew this, right? Now you're caught up in a conundrum, now you need to find a different "obvious" response than the one you were planning to trip me up with.

The Witch's at the Five Star Club! Benni probably so. RNP, you will have to try harder than that, trotting out that old dogma - It doesn't wash anymore. Put yourself in Bennies place and see how many RNP clones can easily trot of "RNP you're lying again" RNP, you need to apply you're wizardry to your studies, which in this case is pyhs. Every ones a tad old for this to be continuing into old age, I was going to say when you grow up, but it's too late for that.

I now did some research on this and confirmed what I suspected which is there are no green stars. So my best guess is the green dots in that image are just a result of some false-color image processing. No one is holier than thou! S I have only just materialised out the quantum fluctuations, all this shenanigans has been going on eternally and everyone is retiring and passing the mantle to their successors!

There are some Very Rare 'green' galaxies but I still haven't worked out how they can be green without green stars and the few links explaining that are unclear and their explinations don't make sense. Finally, we have come to the last paragraph of the last chapter of this article, the all important significance of the "green pixels". Just try to imagine how much more psycho-babble we'd still be engaging in without your revelation.

You should put in for a prize of some kind, or write a book?

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Given the right materiel and under exacting conditions, almost ANY aggregation of Mass could effectively become a Star. Depending on its supply of atomic Energy, a Star can be long or short-lived. WRT Pluto - that puppy didn't quite make it to Stardom, did it? Which means that Pluto was short-changed in the long run. So you are correct, by all means.

So you actually assign a higher probability to the statement "all of the scientists since Galileo, most of whom are more intelligent than me, are wrong and know nothing about gravity", than the statement "I am wrong". The size of your ego is truly astronomical. Benni granville LOL - green pixels to represent "green Stars". But where are the little green men who live on planets surrounding these green stars? Green is the new black? It is obvious that Stinky is trying to get into your mind through intimidation, and through which he is trying to make you reveal your sources so that he can pass it off to UniverseToday or pretend to be the "big man on campus" in Sciforums and other science websites.

Captain Stinky is NOT interested in Science - only to collect as much scientific information as possible from others. I don't have to prove — it's for Antialias Physorg to prove! S unlike yourself freely calling people liars, I did not call him a liar. If you recall I said he was telling porkies, it was not me that brought up A. Ps lack of qualifications, A. P implied by not knowing Kings Parade was actually a closed section of main road that in the past two way traffic flowed C. He said Kings Parade is a shopping centre its stupid to drive through a parade Now Captain Stumpy if Antialias Physorg obtained degrees and masters at Cambridge he does not know Cambridge, presumably he was at the graduation in the Senate on Kings Parade If this is true I do not have to prove, the onus is on Antialias Physorg to prove that it is true!

Enhancing Hubble's Vision: Service Missions That Expanded Our View of the Universe

P implied by not knowing Kings Parade was that's stupid you do know there are two Cambridge colleges, right? I have mentioned in another thread that promptly received a rating of One - LOL - and I was not asked to expand on my hypothesis. So, I will expand on it here for the sake of honest interested parties. The general consensus is that the Event Horizons outside of BHs are driven by the gravitational pull of the BH itself.

But that is only partly true. That materiel that is drawn into the EH pulls yet other materiel towards it through grav. So how do we get to this unpleasant situation? And that he has a degree in EE and a PhD And if you knew him you would know these statements to be true. It also tells us that Granville has appalling read comprehension and an even worse attitude.

MIT News Office

Granville, you owe some people an apology. There's O2 found in the outer comets that the internal heat of Pluto with its ice is actually harbouring the conditions for life All these are happening in the vacuum until presently was presumed to be expanding but as we know the vacuum does not expand or contract as this is where the fallacy of expansion arose in that it was expanding vacuum space under the guise of being the Universe, the Doppler shift only indicates motion of a body, it does not indicate which body is in motion and therefore is not indicative of expansion — as there is no definitive explanation where mass and energy emerged from as it is like asking how was the vacuum created we presently assume it was always here Which comes to expansion, there is no need for a bigbang as atoms have their own method of duplication as in fusion and lightning, there is no need for a big bang and no need for expansion.

Is this true Captain Stumpy a Only Antialias Physorg holds the proof this is true If this is true I do not have to prove, the onus is on Antialias Physorg to prove that it is true! You misread his comments in that thread. They are clear to anyone who understands plain English. You have been bandying accusations and casting aspersions because of your incomprehension. Knowing AP he would not respond to such drivel but I am sick of having to read your bile.

You complain about people swearing in their posts but what you have been doing is utterly disgusting. Time for you to shut up or apologise. It is similar to a Conveyor Belt where objects are carried along toward a certain destination.

Hopkins Astronomer Holland Ford Receives NASA Award for Hubble Contributions

Notice that the Event Horizon circles the BH - round and round until its leading edge gets sucked inwards? The BH DRAIN is similar to the drain in your kitchen sink, where water falls into the drain and gravity pulls the water into the pipe and away. The EH itself is circular, similar to how infalling water in a sink goes round and round until it reaches the edge of the drain.

There is also a pattern of bulk flow in the motion of neighbouring galaxies extending to distances of over mega parsecs Mpc. There is a known over density — the Shapley Supercluster — creating an attraction in the flow of galaxies. Fundamentally gravitation is always attractive, but if there is an under dense region it apparently acts as a gravitational Repeller.

And that could mean that for some BHs the EH flows in the opposite direction. Where the Drains lead to could possibly be to another Dimension. Private information is strictly private Really Captain Stumpy, this is the internet this is why we have nicknames, surely Antialias Physorg is not a real name but a nickname - and concerning keeping safe on the internet one should not release information that requires private identifying information on the internet - nobody needed to know whether he had qualification, qualification are private talking knowledgeably on subjects is all that is required and you should not have released private information that obviously now cannot be backed up Captain Stumpy In years to come Captain Stumpy, I do not expect to be discussing this same point now that you have made it clear no answer can be given Please refrain from releasing private personal information from now on Captain Stumpy, thank you.