Der Klang der Familie: Berlin, Techno and the Fall of the Wall

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The best chance to take. After the Fall captures a singular period, when one of the biggest political changes in recent history coincided with the arrival of a new musical movement. Post-Wall Berlin was the perfect breeding ground for the youth culture that would dominate the 90s and change the way we look at the city forever — Techno! The exhibition show will include photographs by German artists Ben de Biel and Tilman Brembs as well as, films and documentaries.

East Berlin was full of disused spaces and abandoned buildings, just waiting to come to life again. Clubs, galleries, squats, studios and workshops soon sprung up — only to disappear again a few weeks later. You assume, for example, that the Ossies were thrilled to get to the West, but many were at best ambivalent. One d.

Seeing this embarrassment was pretty tough. The Wall opened, and we could go over from the East. But this subsidized backwater? That was just sad. I wanted my Wall back. I thought they [Ossies] were all dumb. It was pretty horrifying. I went with a friend to the Wall and put back a few stones just for fun.

Moog T : After the parade, the signs were suggesting that we could see as many as 20, or 25, participants in We began to think about how to curb that. Xol Dog : It had changed completely for me. We were not able to handle the mass of people. There were also people coming who had little to do with our scene and our ideas. Trauma XP : We always had problems with the local assembly authority. He did not want the Fuckparade in Berlin. He really hated the Fuckparade. DJ Fater : The police had their water cannons and riot battalions waiting for years.

That also shows what kind of situation they were expecting. Xol Dog : After the parade, we thought about how to continue. One idea was that the Fuckparade should end in with a protest march. After continuous heated discussions and legal battles, both the Fuckparade and Love Parade lost their status as political demonstrations in The Love Parade organizers registered the edition as a commercial street event, and the city of Berlin helped them out financially with the costs for trash removal.

Xol Dog : Then the letter came with the order of the Berlin assembly authority. Trauma XP : In , they let us know immediately after registration that they would no longer authorize it. They retracted our demonstration status and banned the demo. Wolle XDP : I have my own conspiracy theory about that. I think the prohibition of the Love Parade was actually meant as the prohibition of the Fuckparade. It was only possible to prohibit the Fuckparade if the apparently unpolitical Love Parade was also sanctioned. The Fuckparade would have become a problem for politicians. It was a visibly leftist—if not radical leftist—demo with extremely high popularity.

But there was absolutely no reason to ban the Love Parade.

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Why would they risk the most important image-builder and crowd-puller that the city had ever seen? Trauma XP : The decisive factor for the ban came from the Love Parade, because the assembly authorities concluded that the parade was a commercial event. They then also accused us of that. We immediately objected. Disko : The thumbscrews they used to get us were garbage collection and catering. We were able to prove that with our leaflets and political announcements.

We spoke to the author of Der Klang der Famille about Berlin's radical rise in electronic music.

Disko : We missed the chance to write slogans on the flags that you can actually nail to the wall. But it had a system behind it. It was intentional. People took that wrong, quite simply. Trauma XP : The Love Parade registered a commercial street party in , with everything that goes with it. That meant they had to pay for the garbage and cleaning themselves for the first time. Wolle XDP : The ban on the Fuckparade and the retraction of its demonstration status was a deliberate twisting of the facts.

They pretended that there was no difference between us and the Love Parade. Moog T : After the ban, we considered whether to do a spontaneous demonstration with one vehicle.

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That is permitted under German law. Wolle XDP : Some of the co-organizers feared that clashes between the police and protesters could occur if the Fuckparade took place as place as planned with loud music despite the ban. DJ Fater : Of course, we thought about just putting a truck there.

Wolle XDP : My approach would have been to say yes and amen, and then still drive through with a fat sound system and not make any speeches, either. The microphone would simply be broken. I had a long conversation with the technical director of the Love Parade about how they managed to get the same music on all the floats.

Der Klang der Familie - Berlin, Techno and the fall of the wall | MUTING THE NOISE

They did it with micro-transmitters. And then I thought that we could do the same with radios on VHF.

Trauma XP : The idea was that all participants would bring a radio. They would turn it on at the Fuckparade, find the right frequency and then that way they would be participating and no longer just consuming.

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Wolle XDP : I was totally perplexed. Fritz is a public broadcaster. That means a lot of people at Fritz were willing to risk their job to support the Fuckparade. That was the mood in the city back then. Originally they wanted to set it up outside. During the parade, the music outside should be quiet, and then after the closing announcement, the sound system should be completely maxed out.

That would have been such a great action! At Frankfurter Allee, the cops were standing there with trucks, announced a radio ban and collected all the radios that people had brought. That was perversion of justice. It was a unilateral move by the assembly authority. We sued them for that. And after two years, we won the case. DJ Fater : We were forced to give speeches. There was even a mandatory period. We satirized that. Especially Xol Dog He just sampled a speech and played it back. Nowhere in the decision did it say that the speech had to be held live, but then we were sued by the assembly authority.

It was pure harassment.

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Moog T : Immediately, a police brigade started moving forward in turtle formation. They tore out the cables and confiscated the sound system!

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DJ Fater : The police shut it down pretty roughly. They went straight into the dancing people. Wolle XDP : I was overtly against any troublemaking. The media was just waiting for riots to happen. DJ Fater : Gabber people could definitely dish it out and defend themselves if they felt the need to.

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Moog T : When the cops had finished, they realized that they were encircled. Then Trauma, Wolle and I were between the fronts. On one side they stood with bottles, on the other with Tonfas. It was really on the edge. Following the ban, the Fuckparade organizers regrouped to discuss how to continue. Despite this, the lawsuit against the ban was still underway, and it became clear to Trauma XP and Moog T that they needed to continue at least until there was a final verdict.

Berlin, Techno and the Fall of the Wall

When the Love Parade held its last event in Berlin, in , the Fuckparade had already emancipated itself from the intense rivalry of the first years. Wolle XDP : After the radio ban, the others had somehow run out of steam. They delivered the speeches at the maximum volume. DJ Fater : Eventually, the political aspect was almost more important to me than the music. The party stepped into the background for me.