Building Grammar Skills for the TOEFL iBT

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Study the basics of English grammar and develop your vocabulary. Practice writing correct sentences in English. Begin by writing simple sentences. Make sure that each sentence has a subject and a verb, and that the subject agrees with the verb. The student likes Take 2 of your sentences and practice combining them.

Reread what you write. Look for and correct mistakes. Study the organization of good paragraphs and essays. A good paragraph discusses 1 main idea. He made especially sure that Twain was comfortable. Who am I? Are you a friendly person who enjoys meeting people andtalking with them?

Perhaps you should become a salespersonor a teacher. Think about what your jobrequires. Will you be interacting with others or spending mostof your time alone? There are many factors to consider inchoosing a career. Money is certainly one of them. So is socialstatus. But remember, whatever you decide, you have to dothat job every day. Choose carefully! Want to go play basketball? M: How? W: You can do simple things. Like, instead of taking the elevatorto class, walk up the stairs.

M: Hmm yeah, I could do that. W: You know, just squeezing a tennis ball makes your handsstronger and helps you relax.

Building Grammar Skills for TOEFL IBT

Anything else? Walk backwards sometimes.


It strengthens the back ofyour lower legs. M: Thanks. Have fun at basketball.

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Does anyone know how fast it spins? M: Two thousand kilometers an hour? W: Close.

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  • About 2, kilometers an hour. It turns completelyaround once each day. Now, what would happen if the Earthstopped spinning so fast?

    If it slowed down to one rotationevery days, every place on the planet would have eitherdaylight or darkness all year long. This is similar to the situationon the moon. For two weeks, the sun shines on the front side. Then, for two weeks, it shines on the back side. How do youthink a slower rotation would affect your lives?

    M: Wow! W: Well, I saw a TV show about it last week. I wrote down all theimportant people and then looked them up on the Internet.

    Building Grammar Skills: For the TOEFL IBT (Electronic book text)

    W: You can still find information on the Internet. M: I tried.


    But it gave me so many websites! That would help you know what to look for. You can remember a common objectby giving it three qualities: detail, color, and movement. Takesomething you often lose, like a key, for instance. Make the keyspecial in your mind.

    Building Grammar Skills for TOEFL IBT

    Give it detail. Imagine it has very sharpteeth. Then, give it color. Make it shiny gold. Finally, give itmovement. Imagine it is alive. In the 16th Century, it was the most powerfulnation in the world. After America was discovered in ,Spain sent many people there. They brought back lots of goldand silver.

    Trade with the new American colonies made Spainrich. It established colonies in other parts of the world, such asCuba and the Philippines. But in , Spain lost a famous waragainst England. After that, its power began to decline. Shin, how long have you been a university professor? M: Eighteen years, Sandra. W: Could you please tell our campus radio listeners what madeyou want to become an educator?

    M: I guess it was my mother. She was a writer. W: And you became a writer like your mother? M: No, I actually never wrote any books. But I did discover that Ilove teaching.

    Personally, I reallyenjoyed your class. Thank you for being on the show today, Dr. He was famous for using his mind, nothis strength, to catch criminals. In April , Batman and Robinwere joined by their butler, Alfred. In , Batman teamedwith Superman for the first time. His costume had a black bat in a yellow oval. The first Batman did not have the oval. Sometimes it leaks naturally. Other times, humans accidentallyspill it when digging for oil or carrying it on boats. When oil spills,three things happen: spreading, evaporation, and emulsification.

    Is Grammar Tested on the TOEFL?

    In spreading, the oil forms long, narrow strips, called windrows. In evaporation, thelighter parts of the oil disappear. Only the heavier parts remain. This forms a heavy and sticky substance, which issometimes called chocolate mousse. The oil also mixes with otherthings floating in the water. W: I feel hot then cold, and I ache all over. M: Ooh! W: Do you have a thermometer? M: Yes, I do. Here you go.